Response to issue 30

Neil K. Henderson pronounces the issue “A good meaty read with some standout prose faves. Village Under A Spell was gruesomely mysterious. The Kostler Bequest gripped me with its detailed build-up of suspense. The Mytho-Poetic Garden Club had a special green identity of its own (I’m glad I’m not that close to my garden.) Crossing the Bridge was an engaging take on the sentient ghost theme, while Ben Potter pulled the rug out from my expectations, with a more interesting ending than I’d predicted. I’d seen something similar to Hello, Sailor! before, probably in Tigershark, and no doubt by the same author. (The Peaches Geldof obit rang a bell – so it may even be the same story.) A challenging read, but the overall effect is impressive.
Of the poems, Ivan de Monbrison’s two stood out, as did the atmospheric Family Home.”

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