Issue 20 is here!

Let us light you through the dark of winter with our new issue, featuring… Fiction from Diane Arrelle, Melodie Corrigall, E-T Cresswell, Neil K. Henderson, Stephen Howard, RC Mulhare, Sasha Pcino, and DJ Tyrer. Nonfiction by Julia C. Spring. Poetry from Paul Bluestein, Aeronwy Dafies, Tony Daly, Ken Allan Dronsfield, Neil K. Henderson, Ed Higgins, Amanda […]

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Issue 19 is here!

The ‘Heroes’ issue includes 22 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Ana Caetano, Peter DiChellis, Mark Halpern, Neil K. Henderson, Toli Kram, John Tinney, and DJ Tyrer. Poetry from Andrew Darlington, Christine Despardes, Troy DeFrates, Mark Hudson, Michael Lee Johnson, Megan Merchant, Tom Sheehan, and DJ Tyrer. Artwork by Daniel de Culla and Michael Lee […]

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One Vision!

One Vision, a collection of poetry by DJ Tyrer, is our first ebook publication. Find it on the new ebook page. We will be opening to ebook submissions again later in the year. And, look out for the new issue of Tigershark – coming soon!

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Issue 17 is here!

A belated but bumper issue of the ezine is now available to download from the site. Note: The pdf now available for download corrects a couple of typos that existed in the original (prior to 4th June). Bonus Content! Would you like to hear MP3 recordings of Michael Lee Johnson’s poems from this issue? Email […]

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Issue sixteen is here!

The Mythos-themed issue is here for Hallowe’en – download it now! 54 pages of content featuring: Fiction from DS Davidson, Dirk Holland, JH Hook, Ayd Instone, Denny E. Marshall, Kevin Morley, and DJ Tyrer. Poetry from Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Neil K. Henderson, Lana Highfill, Mark Hudson, Michael Lee Johnson, Denny E. Marshall, Wayne Russell, […]

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Themes for 2018 announced

Issue 17 – Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane Stories and poems straddling the line between magic and mundane explanations. Tease us with ambiguity and make us wonder just what the truth is. Deadline: End March 2018. Publication: April 2018. Issue 18 – Southern Hemisphere Stories and poems set south of the equator. Also pieces in which the […]

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