Issue 26 is here!

The Truth and Lies issue is available to download now. 50 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Tony Concannon, Andrew Darlington, Jan Forsman, Neil K. Henderson, Stephen Howard, Graeme Smith, Subham Talukdar, and DJ Tyrer. Non-Fiction from Alex Andy Phuong, and DJ Tyrer. Poetry from Robert Beveridge, DS Davidson, Christine Despardes, Mark Hudson, Valkyrie Kerry, […]

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Like many of you, recent events have thrown Tigershark’s plans into disarray. Submissions are in the process of being responded to and it is hoped the new issue will be out later this month. The next two issues are open to submissions with a deadline of end of September. Yes, they are running simultaneously. Issue […]

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Issue 25 is here!

The Hopes and Fears issue is here with 45 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Mezheb R. Chowdhury, Sarah Crabtree, Nigel Ford, Adam Frosh, Chris Hart, Neil K. Henderson,  David Rudd, William M. Sims, and DJ Tyrer. Non-Fiction from John C. Krieg, Christopher Moore, and DJ Tyrer. Poetry from D.C. Buschmann, Aeronwy Dafies, Judy DeCroce, […]

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Issue 24 is here!

42 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Edward Ahern, Neil K. Henderson, Mark Mellon, AL Morgan, Neil K. Spencer, Damian Tarnowski, and DJ Tyrer. Non-Fiction from Brittany Shear. Poetry from Edward Ahern, Jake Cosmos Aller, Robert Beveridge, Aeronwy Dafies, DS Davidson, Judy DeCroce, Greg Fewer, John Grey, Fredric Hildebrand, Mark Hudson, Valkyrie Kerry, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, […]

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Issue 23 is here!

29 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Khadija Anderson, Miles Ellingham, Trevor Hearfield, Neil K. Henderson, DJ Tyrer, Jeanie Warner, and Jordan Whatman. Poetry from Khadija Anderson, Jeff Burt, Jill Morgan Clark, Andrew Darlington, Neil K. Henderson, Mark Hudson, Valkyrie Kelly, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Gerard Sarnat, and DJ Tyrer. Artwork by Valkyrie Kelly, and Emily […]

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Responses to issue 22

Jeffrey Zable: Work has a ‘classical feel’ to it. Mythological, if you will. . . Faves are: HER FATHER’S ARM UBIQUITOUS, SLEEPING WITH THE FISH, THREE KINGS, THE CARAVAN FROM THRAA, I GREW UP WITH AN ONION (not to say that I didn’t like the other pieces as well) Also. . . nice photos, paintings, and collages. Andrew Darlington: Wow! […]

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Issue 22 is here!

Join us as we enter worlds of fantasy in the latest issue of Tigershark ezine. 43 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Edward Ahern, Diane Arrelle, Dan Belanger, Louise Cooper, Andrew Darlington, EM Eastick, Neil K. Henderson, Ken Rosenberger, DJ Tyrer, and Jeffrey Zable. Poetry from Ennis Rook Bashe, Aeronwy Dafies, Neil K. Henderson, Mark […]

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Feedback on issue 21

Neil K. Henderson writes –  It’s certainly been a longer issue this time – and an issue of two halves, as it seems, the more traditional love-based stories in the first half, with the weird/genre stuff later. Being so inclined, I naturally favoured the second half, though there was nothing wrong with the earlier stuff. Indeed, […]

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Issue 21 is here!

Love and hate – two primal emotions that have led to this seventy-page issue that is available to download now! 70 pages of content featuring: Fiction from George Aitch, Diane Arrelle, Jenny Butler, Neil K. Henderson, Stephen Howard, Tina Koenig, John Ord, Claudine Peyre, Randolph S. Stewart, Lucy Stone, DJ Tyrer, Laura Voigts, Ken Weichel, […]

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Issue 20 is here!

Let us light you through the dark of winter with our new issue, featuring… Fiction from Diane Arrelle, Melodie Corrigall, E-T Cresswell, Neil K. Henderson, Stephen Howard, RC Mulhare, Sasha Pcino, and DJ Tyrer. Nonfiction by Julia C. Spring. Poetry from Paul Bluestein, Aeronwy Dafies, Tony Daly, Ken Allan Dronsfield, Neil K. Henderson, Ed Higgins, Amanda […]

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