The themes for 2018 will be on the site later this year, along with details of our plans for accepting submissions of novels and collections, so please check back later in 2017.

General Ezine Submissions

Acceptances and rejections will be sent out in the month following the deadline.

Forthcoming Themes

Issue 17 – Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane
Stories and poems straddling the line between magic and mundane explanations. Tease us with ambiguity and make us wonder just what the truth is.
Deadline: End March 2018. Publication: April 2018.
Issue 18 – Southern Hemisphere
Stories and poems set south of the equator. Also pieces in which the northern and southern hemispheres are linked (such as a long-distance romance between a Canadian and an Australian or a South African in London).
Deadline: End May 2018. Publication: June 2018.
Issue 19 – Heroes
Stories and poems featuring epic heroes (or zeroes who get mistaken for heroes or those who fail to meet the mark). Fantasy, science fiction, or even our mundane world with heroic members of the emergency services or armed forces.
Deadline: End July 2018. Publication: August 2018.
Issue 20 – Dark of Winter
Stories and poems set during the chill months of winter, whether the mundane world of ice and snow or something fantastic or horrific.
Deadline: End September 2018. Publication: October 2018.


Tigershark ezine is open to submissions from anyone (both new and established writers) in any style or genre, and accepts flash fiction, short fiction and non-fiction/reviews up to 5000 words, poetry of any length, and artwork. Multiple submissions are welcome.

Issues are themed, but unthemed work will also be considered, with approximately a third of any issue being unthemed.

Because the ezine is a non-paying market, we are happy to consider reprints (but preferably not ones easily available online – feel free to query) and extremely short submissions (there is no minimum length). Multiple submissions are acceptable but not simultaneous submissions.


Submissions and queries should be sent to with Submission (noting theme, general submission or artwork as appropriate) or Query in the subject line.

Every submission received will receive an acknowledgement email. Acceptances and rejections will go out after the closing date for the issue they are submitted to (unthemed submissions will be replied to after the closing date of the next due issue). If you haven’t heard within three weeks of the closing date, please feel free to query.


We require no specific rights, but do ask that work accepted for Tigershark ezine not be published elsewhere between the closing date for submissions (approximately one month before publication date) and three months following the issue’s publication. After that period you may freely submit your work elsewhere (exception for Best of Year anthologies).

Please remember that if previously unpublished work is published in Tigershark, you may be unable to enter it in competitions and it will be classed as a reprint when submitting elsewhere.


We’re pretty easy going at Tigershark. If you need a clarification or are seeking an exception to a rule above, get in touch and we’ll try to accommodate you.


10 thoughts on “Guidelines

      1. Dear Mr. Davidson: I’m having submitting stories to your Website. I keep getting unable to deliver messages.


  1. Thank you very much for your answer. I sometimes do drawings, but I could not say their quality would be good for you: if I send a story WITH artwork but you dislike the latter, would that jeopardize the acceptance of my written story? Than you again for the answer to this new question and my apologies for bothering you with my doubts.


    1. Apologies for not responding sooner. The submission of stories or poetry with art is welcome, and if the one is suitable and the other not that won’t jeopardise the chances of acceptance. (And I won’t be upset if a contributor withdraws a submission in these circumstances if they don’t want the pieces published separately.)


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