Issue 31 is here!

Issue Thirty-one (“The City”) is now available to download from the issues page.

96 pages of content featuring:

Fiction from Diane Arrelle, Christopher Baker, John Baldwin, Gary Beck, Stuart Cavet, Maia Cornish, Harris Coverley, Sarah Crabtree, Brett Dyer, Rupert Eugster, R.A. Gallagher, Rachel Ginsberg, Paul Grover, Luke Harrower, Neil K. Henderson, Jason Jenkover, Valkyrie Kelly, Krish, Matt McBride, Alex Ramsden, David Rudd, Jessica Spindler, DJ Tyrer, and Christopher Woods.

Creative Non-Fiction from Caitlyn Bean and Daniel de Culla.

Poetry from Mary Birnbaum, CL Bledsoe, Lorraine Caputo, Yuan Changming, Harris Coverley, Aeronwy Dafies, Tony Daly, DS Davidson, Judy DeCroce, Cynthia Gallaher, John Grey, Ann Howells, Mark Hudson, Michael Lee Johnson, Tonia Kalouria, Chris Law, Celine Rose Mariotti, Antoni Ooto, DJ Tyrer, K.A. Williams, and S.F. Wright.

Artwork from Emily Land.

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