Issue 32 is here!

Issue Thirty-two (“Plants”) is available to download from the issues page. 90 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Christopher Baker, Sarah Crabtree, Brett Dyer, Matthew John Fletcher, Paul Grover, Neil K. Henderson , Valkyrie Kerry, Rob Ottesen, David Rudd, Billy Stanton, and DJ Tyrer. Non-Fiction from Jason Jenkover. Prose Poetry from DJ Tyrer. Poetry from […]

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Responses to issue 31

Thank you. This is a beautiful issue. I am a great fan of John Gray, and I enjoyed his work in particular. – Ann Howells … What a nice issue! Great cover! I particularly liked End of the World, Bus Stop Monster and Haiku. Glad to be included. – Gary Beck … Have just finished […]

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Issue 31 is here!

Issue Thirty-one (“The City”) is now available to download from the issues page. 96 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Diane Arrelle, Christopher Baker, John Baldwin, Gary Beck, Stuart Cavet, Maia Cornish, Harris Coverley, Sarah Crabtree, Brett Dyer, Rupert Eugster, R.A. Gallagher, Rachel Ginsberg, Paul Grover, Luke Harrower, Neil K. Henderson, Jason Jenkover, Valkyrie Kelly, […]

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Response to issue 30

Neil K. Henderson pronounces the issue “A good meaty read with some standout prose faves. Village Under A Spell was gruesomely mysterious. The Kostler Bequest gripped me with its detailed build-up of suspense. The Mytho-Poetic Garden Club had a special green identity of its own (I’m glad I’m not that close to my garden.) Crossing […]

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Further feedback on issue 29

Dear DS, With a bit more available time recently and no more reading backlog, I could finally read Tigershark cover to cover. Issue 29 is a real blast! It keeps me feeling terrific while immersed in a repulsive situation. I especially like Jaurès by Fred Pollack and Stepping Out on Derby Day by Virginia Betts. […]

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Feedback on issue 28

As I just received Tigershark 28 before the Christmas holidays immediately preceding third lockdown, I didn’t get to  read much before the unseasonal end of March this year. I did enjoy most of it – especially An English Noelle,  Alter Egos, That’s My Tree and Eight of Our Reindeer are Missing. A couple of the […]

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Issue 28 is here!

The Festive Season issue is now available to download with 67 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Edward Ahern, Diane Arrelle, Susan P. Blevins, David Clemenceau, Bryn Fortey, Neil K. Henderson, Celine Rose Mariotti, I.M. Merckel, Neil K. Spencer, Leah Sackett, Hugh Todd,  and DJ Tyrer. Creative Non-Fiction from Mark Hudson. Poetry from Paula Bonnell, […]

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Feedback on issue 27

With issue 28 due to arrive courtesy of Santa’s sleigh in the next couple of days (lockdowns permitting), it’s time to see what a regular reader thought of the last issue… I’ve now read the the issue in instalments in the library – it’s been another whopper. Once again, a pretty high standard of contributions […]

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Issue 27 is here!

Escape with 85 pages of content featuring: Fiction from Sobia Ali, Diane Arrelle, Kim Barrett, Gavin Boyter, ET Cresswell, Thomas Cunningham, PJG Davies, EF Hay, Neil K. Henderson, Milagros Lasarte, Anke Laufer, Celine Rose Mariotti, Paul Murgatroyd, Yash Sayedbegheri, Neil K. Spencer, DJ Tyrer, Wren Voeltz, Woodie Williams, and Keltie Zubko. Poetry from Jimmy Broccoli, […]

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Latest and Feedback on Issue 26

Update – Tigershark is open to submissions for issues 27 and 28 until 18th October. This is primarily for those who had queries I was unable to answer while I was offline, but if you’ve submitted and want to send something else, have been rejected and want another go, or you’ve just stumbled upon the […]

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