Tigershark Publishing

Tigershark Publishing is an e-publishing venture from DS Davidson: author, poet, and previously editor of the first eighteen issues of Garbaj magazine.
Established in 2013, Tigershark ezine is released in pdf format, approximately four times yearly.

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© All work is copyright individual authors, poets and artists; layout is copyright Tigershark Publishing. Permission is given to download and save the ezine in an unaltered format.

15 thoughts on “Tigershark Publishing

    1. Dear Sir: I still would like to submit more stories if it’s alright with you? I have enough for an anthology. Thank You, Terence Thomas


  1. I am looking for a publisher that I can establish a mutually beneficial relationship with, for I write a lot and need an outlet.


  2. I have an alien sports story that hits a sweet spot for the theme of the upcoming issue, Alien Sports. It is titled MAMOO’S SUPERBOWL. Two concerns with it: 1) it is 10,500 words, and 2) it was self-published a year ago on Amazon Kindle. If those are not showstoppers, would you like to see it? .


    1. Unfortunately, for some reason, I didn’t see the alert for this message, so my apologies for this reply being too late for the specific issue, but I’ll clarify the specific issues anyway. 1) Generally 5000 is the upper limit (it’s not firm – a story that’s, say, 5200 words is okay – but significantly more than that is too long). I should be opening up to novellas and longer works as standalone releases for 2018, so keep an eye on the guidelines page for that. 2) Previously published work is fine as long as you have the digital reprint rights. Remember, Tigershark isn’t a paying market, so if you’ve got the story in an anthology that pays royalties or are selling it on Amazon, you have to consider if this might impact those sales.

      Following from both of those, if you have a long published work you’d like to gain some publicity for, I will consider extracts under 5000 words. These should preferably be standalone in nature.

      Although you missed the Alien Sports issue, you could still submit an extract from the piece as an unthemed submission in an upcoming reading period.


  3. Do I understand correctly that you do NOT accept submissions that have simultaneously been submitted to another publication?


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