Issue 32 is here!

Issue Thirty-two (“Plants”) is available to download from the issues page.

90 pages of content featuring:

Fiction from Christopher Baker, Sarah Crabtree, Brett Dyer, Matthew John Fletcher, Paul Grover, Neil K. Henderson , Valkyrie Kerry, Rob Ottesen, David Rudd, Billy Stanton, and DJ Tyrer.

Non-Fiction from Jason Jenkover.

Prose Poetry from DJ Tyrer.

Poetry from Harris Coverley, Aeronwy Dafies, Holly Day, Daniel de Culla, David Edwards, Damon Hubbs, Mark Hudson, Michael Lee Johnson, Richard LeDue, Brooks Lindberg, Celine Rose Mariotti, Paweł Markiewicz, Donna McCabe, Freya Pickard, Nolo Segundo, DJ Tyrer, and K.A. Williams.

Artwork from Daniel de Culla and John Laue.


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