Themes for 2018 announced

Issue 17 – Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane
Stories and poems straddling the line between magic and mundane explanations. Tease us with ambiguity and make us wonder just what the truth is.
Deadline: End March 2018. Publication: April 2018.
Issue 18 – Southern Hemisphere
Stories and poems set south of the equator. Also pieces in which the northern and southern hemispheres are linked (such as a long-distance romance between a Canadian and an Australian or a South African in London).
Deadline: End May 2018. Publication: June 2018.
Issue 19 – Heroes
Stories and poems featuring epic heroes (or zeroes who get mistaken for heroes or those who fail to meet the mark). Fantasy, science fiction, or even our mundane world with heroic members of the emergency services or armed forces.
Deadline: End July 2018. Publication: August 2018.
Issue 20 – Dark of Winter
Stories and poems set during the chill months of winter, whether the mundane world of ice and snow or something fantastic or horrific.
Deadline: End September 2018. Publication: October 2018.

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