Further feedback on issue 29

Dear DS,

With a bit more available time recently and no more reading backlog, I could finally read Tigershark cover to cover. Issue 29 is a real blast! It keeps me feeling terrific while immersed in a repulsive situation. I especially like Jaurès by Fred Pollack and Stepping Out on Derby Day by Virginia Betts.


Christine Despardes

Dear DS,

Have now finished reading Tigershark #29, done over a lengthy period largely spent waiting for the library computer to respond. This is the first noticeable sign of Artificial Intelligence – dumb insolence.

Definitely more varied, interesting and accomplished than the previous, with the length of the issue better justified. Of course, ‘History’ is bound to be a more varied theme than ‘Christmas’ (please – no more Christmas specials!) I enjoyed The Wizard and Totally Shaken Up. By contrast, King Of The Earth was one Elvis story too many. After the foregoing, it was so obvious that Elvis was going to be the payoff, that the story seemed tedious for the wait. I’m sure it would go down better in another zine, without the competition. The Distance Of Awakening and In Lieu Of Springtime gave me something to chew on with the gristle of my brain, as did Awaiting The Past. My possible favourite was The Copyist, as much for the tightly written style as for the interesting subject matter. The extortion intrigue didn’t really come to much, but in ‘History’ terms, it was most illuminating.

Horizontal Recruiters grabbed my attention from the articles, while 1987/2017, Poetry And History and especially Adjectival were my poetry favourites.

This issue’s history, the next is a mystery.

Here’s to it,

Neil K. Henderson.

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