Issue 29 is here!

The History issue is now available to download

117 pages of content featuring:

Fiction from Edward Ash, Phil Charter, DS Davidson, DC Diamondopolous, Jan Forsman, Melissa Grindon, Praniti Gulyani, Evan Hay, Neil K. Henderson, Chris Jones, Beth Kephart, John Mueter, Gene J. Parola, Ken Rosenberger, David Rudd, JJ Steinfeld, Tamberlyn Sykes, DJ Tyrer, KA Williams, and Nancy Yang.

Non-Fiction from Mark Blickley, and Bryn Fortey.

Poetry from Virginia Betts, Robert Beveridge, D.C. Buschmann, Judy Clarence, Ed Coletti, Aeronwy Dafies, Judy DeCroce, Christine Despardes, Brett Dyer, Jeremy Gadd, Alwyn Gornall, Mark Hudson, Michael Lee Johnson, Valkyrie Kelly, Theresa H. Klepac, Hiram Larew, Michelle M. Mead, Antoni Ooto, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Paweł Markiewicz, Donna McCabe, Vishaal Pathak, Fred Pollack, I.B. Rad, JJ Steinfeld, DJ Tyrer, KA Williams, Hongri Yuan, and Jeffrey Zable.

Artwork from Charlotte Land.

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