Feedback on issue 27

With issue 28 due to arrive courtesy of Santa’s sleigh in the next couple of days (lockdowns permitting), it’s time to see what a regular reader thought of the last issue…

I’ve now read the the issue in instalments in the library – it’s been another whopper. Once again, a pretty high standard of contributions (although I didn’t enjoy Mamie’s Fantastic Getaway). Absolute standouts for me were Catching the Flies by Woodie Williams, ET Cresswell’s Within the Trees and The Three Jolly Boatmen by PJG Davies (a most amusing and colourfully informative narrative!).

Of the poems, Jeffrey Zable’s Making the Most of It was the one which totally grabbed me. Michael Lee Johnson’s Fall Thunder also greatly appealed, in a more subdued way.

The artwork was stunning.

Looking forward to the next issue. Don’t take any wooden Covid vaccines,

Neil K. Henderson.

One thought on “Feedback on issue 27

  1. Hi DS,

    Many thanks for your kind words on my story.

    I have been spreading the word on the magazine so I hope there have been more readers of your website.

    Have a great Christmas break.

    Best regards,




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