Issue 27 is here!

Escape with 85 pages of content featuring:

Fiction from Sobia Ali, Diane Arrelle, Kim Barrett, Gavin Boyter, ET Cresswell, Thomas Cunningham, PJG Davies, EF Hay, Neil K. Henderson, Milagros Lasarte, Anke Laufer, Celine Rose Mariotti, Paul Murgatroyd, Yash Sayedbegheri, Neil K. Spencer, DJ Tyrer, Wren Voeltz, Woodie Williams, and Keltie Zubko.

Poetry from Jimmy Broccoli, Lorraine Caputo, Judy DeCroce, Nico Drinkwine, Roy Duffield, Mark Hudson, Michael Lee Johnson, Valkyrie Kerry, Christine Law, Richard LeDue, Paweł Markiewicz, Joan Mazza, IB Rad, Sanvi, Meg Smith, DJ Tyrer, KA Williams, Jeffrey Zable, Jasmin Zuchold, and Dan Zurbruegg.

Artwork from Michael Lee Johnson.

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